28 nov

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Happie Birthday Amirah!

today is denver's b'day! celebrated during APEL lesson.. here are some photos taken from my phone! had apple and mango shrudder..

hahas... kk.. for the first time, after a long period of time, i went to OOPG lecture.. hahas.. Mr Michael is a funny and nice lecturer.. very helpful.. but sad thing is tat, he's not really good in speaking using the mic.. and of course, his slang.. but good to say he's helpful... it was so funny wen my classmate all rush out the moment Ms Jo briefing end.. but i felt bad for mr michael..

after lecture, received sms from ms jo to go audi 2... hahas.. waited for quite a long time for her.. den.. went to help out c185 peeps.. mainly alex, toby and i dunno the name of the other 3 guys... they are nice peeps.. mii, alex and toby talks like we noe each other.. hahas.. den suddenly, the whole C185 came down.. as wat alex said that time "HARIYANA! u r surrounded by 185!" very true.. coz im the only 183 there.. and my name is hariyani not hariyana.. dots!

y i was called to audi 2? basically bcoz.. im the ambassador for fbi.. better known as the PACEsetter for the talks(immersion prog).. so i LOA for QUAN lab.. need to report at 7am.. but i bargain from ms jo coz im coming wif my fren for the prog.. hahas.. so..7.30am! together wif shen yang, oyangga and benny.. benny is such a nice guy.. super concern over mii.. hahas.. tmr gonna be a long day..

tat's all for now.. im sleepy.. and hope to have a nice dream.. hehes..