30 nov

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hahas.. yesterday, after updating my blog, i went out to eat swensen.. hahas.. midnight swensen at orchard.. wif my bro and sis in law.. it's interesting.. i dun really like to travel during midnight, but nowadays, i've been going out late.. so we went to swensen to eat and eat and eat.. we ate alot.. hahas.. like mii, i had black pepper pasta with side dishes like calamari rings, fries and rodeo wings.. hahas.. the actual plan of it is tat we wanna eat the fondue.. but dun have.. so sad.. so eat wat's there la.. which is like not much.. den i had banana split.. hahas.. den the shocking part was wen the birthday cake come in.. paisey.. my b'day is next week but it's becoz my bro and sis in law is travelling away, they celebrate now lor.. hahas.. it was really a surprise.. hahas.. but sad, only the 3 of us.. the more the better rite? like my mum along? since she's leavign 2 days after my bday.. so i had a b'day in advance celebrated by them.. hahas.. i'm so full that i dun wan to eat today.. hahas..

i seriously havent eaten anything today.. early morning woke up and buy breakfast for my dad and then went to lesson.. got one hour break, i wen to do my BFA tut.. i was a lil scared coz i dun understand a thing.. but then, heng ar... my tutor explain everything again today and went thru the answer together.. i think im liking my tutor liao.. hahas.. she's nice.. she had never checked whether we did the tut anot.. which i think it's not a good thing but an advantage for mii.. hahas.. and she tends to recall on the works for us.. we will always discuss the answer together.. hahas.. she's like tan bing.. and we always end early.. at least 30 mins earlier.. hahas.. so always end up having break before going for TPSU duty.. but im not going today.. coz i wanna do my JAP! i did this mornign ar.. den i didnt print.. i wanna show my tutor but it seems messy.. so i end up not showing.. so now i have to depend on my luck to perform next week.. also, i can ask chu hui for help.. i think she did well in the first draft.. y did i end up getting a diff topic.. Bon Odori... until now i dun understand much bout it.. it's juz like Hungry Ghost Festival.. and wat more fun is that, there's no single book in the library that has this topic.. im 100% relyign on internet now.. later my sources of research will be full of links..

later got Latin Preview.. walau.. i didnt got for the prac on tues coz i dunno.. den on wed, wen i wanted to come, there's no practice.. but juz nice, FBI immersion Prog fill up the gap.. den on thurs, i didnt noe there's practice u NOE! and again bambang called and ask mii whether im coming.. no choice, i had to give excuse.. wat the.. i feel bad for not coming twice in the row la.. BUT PLS tell mii earlier! it's always tat i've reached home den they asked.. basket sia.. but today, i noe gt preview, so im like staying back in skool to attend the preview.. seriously, im sort of pissed la.. they need a better communication method man! no 1 bother to tell mii.. den pheiyani wun noe also rite! den might as well dun be involve.. haiz.. at this point of time, i really feel like quiting.. but im not tat kind of person la.. shall stay committed till i cant take it anymore.. one thing for them also, they better start training more students to the latin band.. coz.. only mii and phei freshie! and the 2 of us are specialised in percussion.. we cant play mallet or bass guitar in day! mallet mayb can but not mallet and piano la.. i cant.. haiz.. although i wanted to learn and take music exams, i dun have the confidence.. since it's not compulsory either.. i now damien had been wanting mii to take it since i leave sec sch, but i juz too scared la.. waste money also.. and music is not my future.. definitely..

another sad thing is that phei lost her hp.. i dunno how i can contact her today.. we might need to report early sia.. since we hadnt practice a single thing.. i guess im like gona jam all the way.. haiz.. i dun even have scores okie.. haiz.. im juz so stress today..

and my pimple is getting worst today.. looks so ugly la.. walau.. wherever i think bout it ar.. i feel like slappig myself.. hahas.. y pimple must come out! stress stress stress..

den i shall chil down now.. and im going out tmr.. and settle the CIP thingy.. haiz.. i dunno wat date to set for the trip.. haiz.. and report need to be handed in by next week? im not sure.. tat's wat val says... but how come jerry ang offer christmas? wah.. this is confusing.. see la.. i got so many things to do... time management is getting out of my hand.. at time like this, I WANNA EAT!!

AND SHIT! i got preview today and I FORGOT THAT I PROMISE MY MUM TO ACCOMPANY HER TO SEE DOCTOR! f***! i juz remmeber! shit.. damn.. i dunno wat to do now... pangsey the preview and meet my mum? if i pangsey my mum, im sure she wun tok to mii for days.. argh! i need to set priority.. my mum or preview? damn.. if i go and accompany my mum, I'VE wasted time waiting! HEADACHE!

need to settle stuff now...