29 Nov

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FBI Immersion Programme

hmmm... wat can i say.. hahas... firstly, im deadly embarassed when my frens saw mii in super formal attire standing really straight at the entrance of the auditorium.. all thx to the director that can slightly later than the rest.. hahas.. argh! so embarassing.. hahas.. this is my first time being a PaceSetter... hahas.. im still learning.. seriously, i think Benny is a great guy... he doesnt juz speaks well, but he also entertain guest well enuf for mii to learn.. he very sensitive to other ppl's feelings too.. he's too cool.. and i heard he pretty smart too.. hahas.. thx to him that i learn alot.. one of the example is when the guest were at the reception.. hahas.. the speakers were talking and talking wif the IIT director... and the four of us, mii, benny, shen yang and uyangga were standing behind the director while they were chatting.. and i felt super lie bodyguards.. however, wen i see benny standing there with the confident and yet friendly look, i tot we are doing the right thing.. and the guest were impressed by us.. some other incident was the helping the BOs ppl clear their stuff and also he remind us to offer to escort the guest to their cars.. i mean, if it were to be mii, i would think until so far.. he juz think super fast... hahas.. i envy him.. and ic ant see that he work hard for this prog.. coz i receive the guest bio email at 3.10am! hahas.. i was like snoring by then.. hahas.. i learn some other few things from the guest speaker also.. other things like i really one of the speakers, Ms Eunice Lim.. she's just so natural wen she talks to us.. just like we are her frens like that.. coz wen we approached her.. we didnt noe whether she was really the guest speaker.. but then wen we approach her and confirm whether she was one of the guests, she said sth in super cute way - "hello! im here to listen to the talks. im a student.. hahas!" she's just too funny.. hahas.. finally, i've talked to the IIT director.. she's nice.. super nice.. she's quite open minded and quite concern bout the wellness of her student.. so she's fine.. a down to earth lady.. cool... hahas.. the whole prog was okie.. just that there were so many last min changes that i could catch up wif.. but overall, it's fun! thx my fren for coming despite being forced by mii.. hahas.. my primary school fren came.. and she waited for mii to go back together.. we r best frens afterall.. hahas..

thx to this prog also, i got closer to the C185 peeps.. the guys.. i dun really blend wif the gals.. i dunno why also... the guys seems more approaching such as Ernie, Toby, Melvin, alex and this another guy whom until now i dunno his name.. he is the same guy that was super friendly to mii yesterday.. cool guys.. thx for the help at the end of the prog(carry tables and clear rubbish) the ambassadors(the 4 pacesetter) wanted to clean things but Ms Yohanna(im gonna call ms joanna ms yo from now on... hahas.. ) said, u guys are just too smart.. dun do dun do.. hahas.. i think im like involve in this thing thx to ms lina, ms yo, mr toh and Mr ang.. im quite shock on y im in this.. but i think it's a good thing.. i tend to learn lots of things.. like attending to guests.. i didnt know we have to read thru their bios! hahas.. until yest.. it wasnt an easy task.. coz... if u get the one who sort of proud, starting a conversation wif them wun be an easy task! quite said my class and 184 didnt get to listen to the funny talk.. i was enjoying myself in the talk.. especially if u seated next to shen yang.. he juz couldnt sit still.. hahas..

i think tat's all.. i need to finish up my draft one of Jap presentation for tmr.. ohh ya.. im drop dead tired but had the most fun day of the sem! after i ate Shaky fries without drinks, i fall asleep on the bus.. and the moment i reach home, i sleep again! hahas! so now, i wun be sleeping for the night until i finish up my Jap and also do tut for BFA.. i realise that, everytime i didnt do tut, i tend to be called alot of times.. but good thing that i sit beside cheemeng, zy and melving.. they help lots.. haiz.. smart ppl.. must sit around them to be smart.. said by someone but definitely not mii.. haha..