4 dec

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busy mii.. i skipped DBIS tut coz i went to collect my mum's bag at redhill.. the collecting time was 2-5 pm... and juz nice, i had all my lesson on tat time.. i was thinking, if in the morning, okie la.. i can skip it mah... but haiz.. COBAAN! hahas...

i wanna update my blog a few times few days back.. but wherever i wen to the blogger site, i either fall asleep or ppl bug mii.. hahas... now im coughing badly.. hahas..

on sat, i went out wif say haow.. thx say haow for the present.. i dunno wat it is coz i promised him that im gonna open it on my b'day.. but thx for it! hahas! less than 4 hrs and it's my b'day! hahas.. im super excited.. hahas.. weirdly enuf, daniel tok to mii.. he's the tiger beer guy whom i work wif wen im working at MP NTUC.. hahas.. it was a pleasant surprise..

on sunday, it was some gathering(prayer gathering) for my mum's sendoff.. basically, all the ladies in my house area come... hahas.. it was a tiring day, attending to them... usually, when have this kind of gathering, the guys do most of the job.. but this time, all the guest are ladies, so i have to communicate wif them no mattter wat.. hahas.. despite my age, i have to entertain them... wat to do.. im the host.. hahas..

been playing PSP all the time.. hahas... thx to my bro.. hahas.. den yest, met ardy lots of time.. hahas.. he said, im his best fren ever.. coz i help him in sth.. hahas.. secret.. hahas.. but yeah.. it was till the point that he came to my house and shake my hand... and say thx lots of times.. didnt help much.. hahas..

yesterday also.. during my one and only one hour break.. there was student feedback session wif ms grace yap.. ahahs.. and there goes my lunch.. hahas.. but goood thing is that, i dun feel like eating yesterday, mayb bcoz im not feeling well la.. hahas.. den continue wif lesson.. haahs.. OOPG lecture was alot better yest.. hahas.. mr mike is so funny la.. his analogy is funny... the whole day, i only had dinner and tat was 7pm.. my mum was wondering, how come i eat at home yesterday...

den today... this morning, CORE was slightly irritating.. i didnt get to copy one slide! hahas.. den QUAN was okie.. lifern was okie till the point where she blew off due to some guys at the back... den BREAK! wen to library to study for CMSK test.. hahas.. while on my way down to topup cashcard and bind notes, met mr mike again at lvl 8... he came out from the staircase wearing polo tee.. i saw him and act as if i didnt see him at all la.. afterall, wat's the probability tat he saw mii.. hahas.. den suddenly he approach mii.. and say.. 'hello there...' so i had no choice but to acknowledge him.. hahas.. so funny.. lols.. and CMSK test was okie.. i like tat indian lady.. pls change my tutor! i wan someone better.. grrr...

test ends early and i went off straight away to redhill.. a long journey.. but it's okie.. i feel better the moment i step into the mosque.. cool.. hahas.. den take cab home! the fare was woo hoo! nice! hahas..

and finally, i manage to contact the children's home person in charge.. and yeah.. children's home is OFF.. and im approaching the old folks home tmr.. it's tough wen things are really last minute.. im trying my best to get place.. hoping for more choices..

now, im gonna slack today.. hahas.. helping my mum to pack her bag.. need to send to airport terminal 1 at 10am tmr.. hmm.. i cant send.. actually, i was supposed to be the one.. but thx to CORE tut, i cant.. sometime, my heart really boil wen this kind of thing happen.. im super speechless now.. grrr...

and to 단, no worries.. if u give love to others, love will come to u naturally.. im sure of it..

Polaris, it doesnt move in the sky... if u got lost, look for the polaris and u can find ur way.. the same goes for u, 단.. i cant say that i will go wif u.. but i will always be there for u.. wherever u r lost.. just look back, im waiting.. but... can u see mii?

tat's all for now.. im turning 17 soon.. finally.. it's a long wait..