Day 1!

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it's like the first day of school.. it was slightly lame to go skool for 2 hrs of lecture.. oh well.. but wah.. COTS was damn fast.. i was slightly pissed but yeah.. who cares.. it's the first day of lesson.. den CASH.. y am i still thinking of CORE? hahas.. okok.. CASH is like CORE.. haiz.. i guess, i'll always be haunted by this subjects.. hahas..

so went to print notes after tat.. i saw mardiana and quraisha was lost to look for grace yap SAS lesson.. so i bring them there and saw my C210! hahas.. so decided to mass convo wif them.. my first attempt failed coz not many online.. den, another mass convo came about.. was slightly better wif the aid of wee you and ran.. coz they tok bout games! hahas..

den right after C210 mass convo, i had chronos mass convo.. i think everyone damn tired.. so didnt tok much.. can we have chronos dinner?! hahas.. tat rings the bell.. tmr i got komez dinner.. hahas..
im so loving mass convo.. hahas..

tmr got lesson.. wah.. im so dun understand the timetable.. y put derv wen it starts at week 11? den lots of push and pull lesson.. i dunno wen is wen and wat is wat liao.. haiz.. irritating.. i'll just be a blur queen for this week.. hahas..

will meet some c210 peeps tmr at 5pm to teach them few things like printing notes.. i guess they need to learn this part.. coz if not, they will be wasting money..

oh ya.. after printing ntoes, i went to eat wif phei.. hahas.. arnold.. yumyum! im like coughing and still eat this kind of things.. yeah., yeah.. it got worst.. den wen to parkway wif her.. our main objective was to buy the FBT shirt.. at last.. didnt buy... wasted effort.. at last, we waste time.. hahas.. reach home.. tok to my mummy.. hahas.. den ntohing much lor.. i was on msn all the time.. hahas.. so fun! i cant wait for Jason to send mii the picts at Vivo.. i took lots of picts la.. hahas.. but his camera.. hehes..

so i'll be sleeping now.. muacks.. sweet dreams..