We Got Married Ep 26 - Joongbo Couple Caps

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this week episode was slightly later
coz im not in Singapore...
so here you go!!!

they continued from episode 24...
episode 25 was the chuseok special..

they make their entrance by going fishing!!

and yeah
they had made 2 attempts at the ocean
to fish but they failed...
so wat will their fate be this time..

they will be fishing at
fresh water instead.. hahas..

both of them were scared
to enter the "pond"? hahas..
hyunjoong keeps whining..
but it's cute..
he's a young groom afterall..

hwangbo was complaining to him
tat he whines so much...

instead of remaining silent...
he continue to whine..
and the way he whine is cute.. hahas..

hyun joong was dragging himself
to put their bucket at the side..
and he unknowingly caught one!!! hahas..
luck was on their side...

he himself couldnt believe
that he had caught one.. hahas..

as he doubt himself because
he do not have the skills
to use tat kind of net to catch the fish...
he tried his luck again...
it's funny wen he said
"as expected, luck doesn't happen twice"

as he quickly got dis-spirited,
hwangbo quickly teaches him how to use the net...
hwangbo is really jack of all...
she knows alot..

as she was teaching,
they were able to catch more..
and hyun joong call themselves
"fresh water type" of people..

he got all excited after few success..
hahas.. so funny that he shout...
"I like that idea! yeah! let's catch them all!"

hwangbo told him to pick the fish that she had caught
and put it into the bucket..
i love the way hwangbo says..
"with confidence! with dignity! catch it!"
similar words that she said wen
she was nervous to enter
hyunjoong apartment in Japan..

he felt gross and asked
her to do it for him instead.. hahas..

hwangbo refuses to help him..
and told him
"if you cant touch this, you're not a man.. "

hearing those words,
he gather his courage and do it!

as the fish is slimy and slippery,
he had problem picking it up..
and he got frustrated... hahas

he really work hard in catching the fish..
it is as if he gonna catch them all.. hahas..

he really seems to be
concentrating more than usual.. hahas
see here!!!

he paused for awhile to get rid of some water...

guess how he does it??
like this!!!

here's a closer look!

after some time,
he told hwangbo to stop...
for wat reason?
"we can't extinct them" hahas

hwangbo tots so too..
and they decided to stop..
it's obvious that hyun joong is feeling good
for catching lots of fishes...
take a look at the fishes that they caught...

now they are fresh wwater style couple.. hahas

this is such a nice sight...

they went back to grandma house..
hwangbo showing the fishes
that they caught to grandma..
and gives credit to hyun joong
who catch the fishes realli well..

the hardworking couple..
they cooking dinner for grandma..

take a look at hyun joong hair!!!
hahas! he clips it at both sides.. so funny...

grandma try the foods..
she praises the couple for their good effort..

it's so nice to see them eat like these...
feel soo warmly...

when hyun joong said that
"wen we born new sons & daughters.. we'll come again"
i felt that
they are really married
instead of
a make believe variety show...

it's so sweet wen
hyun joong praises hwangbo cooking skills..
it feels like hyun joong
is not someone younger than her..

my heart melts wen he said..
"I think I'm lucky to have met you.."

after eating,
they decided to scissor paper stone..

the first bet is who clean the dishes...

and hyun joong won the first round..

the second bet is who will drive back to seoul..

and hyun joong won again...

the third bet is who cleans the house...

and hwangbo lost again... haiz...

the last and final bet..
hahas.. is to show cute expression [aegyo]

both of them are kinda worried..
especially hwangbo
who claims that she do not have one..

both of them
were hopeful that they will win... hahas
look at hyun joong praying..
"even if earth splits into three pieces, I have to win this!"

winner will be decided after 3 wins..

hwangbo wins the first 2 round..

hyun joong gets frustrated.. hahas

hyun joong won the 3rd round..
that's make it 2:1

and hwangbo won the last round!!!

hyun joong will be doing aegyo!!!

hyun joong full of regrets!

hyun joong asking her
to do the dishes after seeing it..


as they were too embarrased
both of them run opposite direction asap...

hwangbo share her tots...

hyun joong says that
he didnt get to see how hwangbo reacts
but he could hear her laughter from far...

while she was doing the dishes,
hyun joong went to do something else..
looks like he's preparing an event..

nice surrounding, isn't it?

hwangbo went to look for hyun joong..
in the forest.. hahas..

hyun joong explains the reason behind the event..
due to his Japan schedule,
he couldn't do anything
but just to send her
a text message on her birthday.
So he felt really sorry for that..

he end his tot by saying
"I wanted to give the most happiness I could to Hwang Buin"

hyun joong saw hwangbo looking for him...

if i were hyun joong,
i would feel warm wen i heard hwangbo
accepting mii for who i am..
and feeling happy with how i am now...

hwangbo was surprised
that he was preparing this event...
and hyunjoong explained to her
y he prepare the event..

hyunjoong starts playing..
and in the studio,
he claims that
it was more nerve recking
than whatever concert he'd performed..

hwangbo was all shy listening him singing..
she really appreciate his smooth guitar skill..
he sang in English...
here's the part he sang...

I don't know you
But I want you

All the more for that

Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can't react

And games that never amount

To more than they're meant

Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat

And point it home

We've still got time

He paused for a while
and asked hwangbo to close her eyes..

he said these words...
full of emotions..

Hwang Buin
The things that I'm about to say to you

might be a bit embarassing.


I've always thought that
I didnt have the right to love you.
Even when I first met you

I didn't have the courage
All I did was worry
about this and that
But as time flowed
And before I knew it
I became used to this love.

Please always be next to me
Looking at me

With your trust
I love you!

Happy Birthday!

Grateful & Happie Hwangbo

the lyrics are from Hwangbo's solo song..
titled mature..
it's a really nice and sweet song..
didn't expect it
to fits their love story well..
'I love you' is added on...

his second time calling hwangbo yeobo..
and he said it casually this time..

he told hwangbo to open the guitar case..

hyunjoong keeps making her nervous..

he once promised that he will give
1000 paper cranes to hwangbo..
he had given 6 before..
and here's the remainder..

in fact.. there's over 1000 of it..
the sub puts 995 but it's suppose to be 994
to complete 1000 cranes promised...
it's done with the help of SS501's member..
so sweet...

a great confession from hwangbo..
he sees hyunjoong as a man...
yeah!!! ^^

and hyunjoong..
he was really happy
because she loved the cranes so much...
he was very happy
that he made all those cranes for her...

he ends it by saying..
he will be able to call her at least once..
and sincerely able to
talk to her more comfortably...

Personal Notes
after this episode

i felt that everything had changed..
hwangbo sees him as a man now..

hyunjoong begin to take lots of initiative..

hyunjoong who begins with awkwardness
end it with romance...

things are progressing too well

that i fear that it's ending too soon..

seeing that hyunjoong are
more appreciative
& grateful towards hwangbo..
it's really a nice scene..

and i really wish for more..


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