chiong chiong chiong!~

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this is my 2nd night chiong-ing project..
the night is the time only time i could do my project..
24 hrs = day + night..
day go skool, study and socialise..
night at home, study and do proj...
where's my sleep??? lols..

RISKS assignment topic one..
New Zealand added up together 400++ pages..
Hong Kong add up is 300++ pages..
Singapore - CAR (580) + Basel 2 (300++) + etc = 1000++ pages!!!
this is the amount that i'd read or gg to read in few days.. -_-'''
last night chiong draft 1... horrible..
now, chiong draft 2 to show in the afternoon.. i GG liao.. lols

past few day.... no msn..... no dramas......... no video..........
facebook still got abit... lols.. but really..... i didnt touch these for days!~
i felt empty somewhere.. hahas..

my busy-ness come at the right time? i dunno..
maybe, by being busy i will forget things faster?
but at the same time, i dun wan to lose the frenship between us..
maybe, i juz have to be normal.. and juz exclude those feelings..
like how i can spend 30 mins trying to sleep and tat 30mins is full of you.. lols..
knowing tat i ONLY have 3 hrs to sleep, it still take mii so long to sleep..
wen i was finally falling asleep, i was awaken by someone else's calls.. haiz..

let's just stay as frens.. and just keep myself busy...

PS: Congrats Say Haow for FINALLY passing ur DRIVING TEST..
no worries.. i wun SIT in the CAR if u r driving.. UNLESS someone there to accompany mii.. LOLS =X kidding larh!~ u owe mii & chee meng jap food!!! lalalala!~